Thomas Hills, Salon Owner Thomas Hills, Surrey

Thomas Hills

At seven most little boys might want to be an astronaut or a fireman but at that formative age it was already Thomas Hills’ dream to be a hairdresser. And he didn't hang around: at 13 he set about making it come true and started in his local salon as a Saturday boy. He went on to do his professional apprenticeship at Splinters in London’s Mayfair and, after 18 months, at the still tender age of 19, he set out on his own as a stylist. He began working his way up on a self-employed basis in a number of salons before ultimately joining a Wella Premier Salon.

Bringing London to Surrey

After ten years of learning from the best and studying the industry from the inside, Thomas’ dream came to full fruition. In 2004 he ‘brought a little bit of London to Surrey’ and he opened his own professional hairdressing salon in Oxted.

Here he has trained another 17 stylists in the best 3.6.5 hairdressing approach and many of them have gone on to have successful careers of their own. Most recently in recognition that he is just one of a fantastic talented team, he rebranded the salon to THI in 2010.

Thomas has built a strong Artisitic team that is gaining great recognition in the industry. Thomas and the team works very closely and are constantly looking to learn and improve. With Thomas' strong guidance the team is doing great things and is becoming a sort after position for younger members in the salon.

The salon is winning recognition in the industry with extensive coverage in over 150 magazines and editorials In 2015 Thomas changed colour houses and moved over to Revlon since the change Thomas is now a brand ambassador for revlon working on there artistic team and designing bespoke courses to teach for the revlon brand. As Thomas and the Th1 Hair brand grows in the industry Thomas is constantly seeking perfection from himself and his team and they show this in there many stage appearances this year and some of the industries biggest and best hair shows. Thomas' and the teams work was also featured in VOGUE after there London fashion week show went down with a storm. In 2015 Thomas made it to the finales in the British Hairdressing Awards in the Southern Hairdresser Of The Year category he was one of 6 finalists. In 2016 Thomas finales again in the same category and the team is very excited to find out the result

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Thomas qualifies at the prestigious Splinters Hair Academy and Wella Hair Academy in Mayfair after 18 months professional apprenticeship.

Thomas’ emphasis on providing a personal, bespoke hair care advice service earns him the title of Wella Retailer of the Year.

Following his advanced hairdressing training, Thomas achieves his NVQ assessor accreditation, enabling him to train other stylists in quality techniques and excellence.

At 29 Thomas is ready to launch his own business and train staff to deliver a top quality service. He opens his own salon, Thomas Hills of Oxted.

With a great team to support him Thomas rebrands his business TH1 and moves into larger premises to accommodate a growing clientele. 

The profile of TH1 continues to rise as they are named runner up in the Goldwell Colour Zoom Awards, earning them additional kudos and extensive press coverage. 

Now a recognized colour house in the industry TH1 land the center spread in top industry publication ‘Hairdressers Journal’ during British Hairdressing Week and come 6th in the National Colour Trophy Awards.


Appeared in over 150 Magazines & Editorials in the last 10 years