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Thomas Hills Southern Hairdresser of the year Finalist Collection
Optimized-TH1 BHA16 06Optimized-TH1 BHA16 08Optimized-TH1 BHA16 07Optimized-TH1 BHA16 04Optimized-TH1 BHA16 05Optimized-TH1 BHA16 03Optimized-TH1 BHA16 01Optimized-TH1 BHA16 02       
 Lauren Killick Newcomer of the year Finalist CollectionOptimized-TH1 New 01Optimized-TH1 New 02Optimized-TH1 New 03Optimized-TH1 New 04Optimized-TH1 New 05Optimized-TH1 New 06Optimized-TH1 New 07Optimized-TH1 New 08